6 Tips to Keep a Clean Commercial Jobsite

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December 7, 2022

6 Tips to Keep a Clean Commercial Jobsite

When we’re renovating a large apartment complex or office area we aren’t always given an empty space to work with. Sometimes there are close neighbors or maybe other tenants whose apartment buildings aren’t yet up for renovation. Working alongside the general public makes it super important to keep a safe and clean jobsite, something we pride ourselves on.

We specialize in ADA Compliant Building & Renovation, which makes safety and cleanliness even more of a priority!

If you’re in Washington, whether it's Tacoma, University Place, Lakewood, Parkland, Edgewood,  Federal Way or any of the other surrounding areas like Seattle, WA, then please consider reaching out to us for your commercial construction needs.

We are experts in providing value by delivering quality projects that are on time and on budget, every time.

The most important tip for this article is to work with bonded and insured companies.

No matter how careful you are and how perfect your safety practices are, mistakes and accidents are going to happen. So when they do you want to make sure you are working with a construction company who is bonded and insured.

You also want to make sure their policy either covers their subcontractors or that all of the subcontractors working on the project will also be bonded and insured.

This way any liability that occurs during the job that might normally fall on the property, can be offset by the contractor’s policies.

If you go cheap on this point, it could literally cost you your entire business and/or property.

Establish Accountability

Part of the way we keep our jobsites so clean is by establishing accountability. Any of our crews or subcontractors that come onto the job know exactly whose responsibility it is to clean their areas and clean up after themselves.

Once we get closer to finishing and further away from the “rough in” portion of the construction we make sure that everyone knows to be extra careful to avoid any damage or unnecessary dirt.

Offer the right resources

It may sound silly, but we’ve worked with several other contractors who fail to provide the proper means to dispose of waste and other materials. They don’t have enough dumpsters or don’t get them dumped often enough, or they don’t do small things like give garbage cans for the crews to throw their trash away in. Just by providing these options you give people the ability to make the right choice, which goes a long way.

Create Solutions

When you are working on a project with a bunch of moving parts you have to be innovative and come up with ways and processes for different crews and employees to be able to communicate with each other.

We always go the extra mile to make sure we either have a process in place that is well known to our people, or we make sure we create one. We don’t just let problems sit around and multiply, our people know to reach out to us so we can solve them quickly and efficiently!

“FOD” Walk

An “FOD” walk stands for a “foreign object and debris” walk, which occurs when we are working in more public areas. We will go out of our way to have crews use tools and available technology (or sometimes just old fashioned elbow grease) to walk the construction site and attempt to remove anything that could be hazardous or a nuisance (think nails, screws, etc).

Manage Dust the Right Way

If you’ve ever spent any time in a construction area you’ll know that dust is everywhere! It gets caked on the floor and anything that is sitting nearby for more than 5 minutes (including you!). This is a necessary evil, but it can be minimized. We work hard to make sure that depending on what stage the construction is in that we are working to manage the dust. Whether that be through power tools with vacuums, dust barriers, or air scrubbers. We know what it takes to get the job done right the first time!


The right company who cares about their clients and is working for more than just the bottom line will go out of their way to keep a clean construction site.

As a result, clean construction sites are a sign of the general contractor’s respect for the client and a sign of the subcontractor’s respect for the general contractor.

I do believe it is important to note that a clean worksite will vary depending on the specific stage of construction as well as other specific scenarios that can vary depending on the project.

Here at Probuild Construction we try to offer the best quality for our customers and this includes clean worksites.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us so we can quote a job you have coming up, please reach out to us our contact page, or call us at 253-844-7547.

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