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We Do What We Say, On-Time and On-Budget.

Don't Settle for a Roofing Contractor, get a Commercial Building Specialist.

Probuild Construction WA - Commercial Roofing Replacement & Repair

When it's time to choose a commercial roofing contractor, you'll want to choose a company that delivers on time, on budget, and chooses the highest quality materials possible to meet your project needs.

Our Advice & Projects are Well Rounded

There are plenty of storm-chasing roofing contractors, and they usually do work that's margin-rich work for them and don't involve complete solutions.

We build commercial roofs from a comprehensive point of view.

  • We choose the best roofing solution, not the one that pays us the most
  • Our mission is to help your building last the longest and look the nicest
  • We're here to deliver the best ROI possible for our clients
  • We will help you create a master plan for your building renovation addressing future upgrades and improvements.

Integrity, Reputation & High Levels of Execution

If you're looking for a roofing contractor in the Puget Sound region or Seattle, Washington, to ensure your building lasts as long as possible, then connect with our team for an estimate & walk-through.

When you choose Probuild WA for your next commercial roofing repair or replacement, you will be dealing with our experienced team of engineers & experts who have a complete understanding of every aspect of commercial building and construction, which means you'll get well-rounded, sound advice.

Replace your commercial roof with a contractor that delivers quality craftsmanship, professionalism, and excellence in execution

Probuild can replace or repair your roof, saving you headaches and money.

  • We can quickly locate the source of pesky roof leaks and promptly repair them, making your building watertight again.
  • A new roof can make your whole building look and feel newer.
  • When installed and maintained properly, the average commercial roof can protect your investment for 10 to 40 years!

Best Commercial Roofer in Seattle Washington

We think you've found it if you're looking for the absolute best roofing contractor in Seattle, Tacoma, or the Puget Sound region. We're confident that when you choose Probuild Construction to replace or repair your commercial building's roof, whether a hotel, apartment, multi-family, industrial, or office building, we'll help you get predictable, high-quality results at a fantastic value.

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