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Commercial Builder Near Tacoma, WA

ProBuild Construction Tacoma, WA

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Probuild Construction & Commercial Contractor

We Keep Your Project on Budget

Project Management Done Right

The quote we provide at the beginning of the project is the cost we stand behind throughout your build or remodel.

Probuild Construction - Commercial Contractor

Commercial Building and Remodeling in Tacoma WA

When Excellence Matters, Choose Probuild of Tacoma

At Probuild Construction, we combine our diligent pursuit of excellence with our top talent to ensure that your building or remodeling project has the best results while staying on budget and within the timeline.

We can help you with:

Maximize Your Investment

We're here to deliver results, and enhance your ability to produce excellent projects on time and on budget.

Immediately impress clients while extending the life of your parking lot!

Your parking lot is where a customer's experience with you begins. Probuild's sealcoating will beautify your parking lot while adding years to its life!

  • Sealcoating repairs surface damage like cracks and potholes
  • Regular sealcoating is a low-cost way to protect your clients' vehicles and your own investment in your business
  • Probuild's sealcoating will provide a protective layer to keep UV rays, vehicle leaks, and water from damaging your asphalt

Enhance Your Community

We're driven to enhance our Tacoma, Washington, communities and develop fantastic spaces where people can enjoy life.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

We take pride in our work, and in the reputation we build for ourselves.  We produce quality work, we always do what we say, and we value our people.

Commercial Contractors Near Tacoma Washington

Invest & Build with Confidence

If you're looking for the best commercial contractor near Tacoma, Washington, or if you're looking for a commercial remodeling near Tacoma to help you with a project, then we'd be honored to connect with you and see if we're a good fit.  

We know that there are plenty of good commercial builders near Tacoma, Washington, and we've consistently delivered results worth sharing.


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Invest with Confidence

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Office Remodeling Contractor in Tacoma WA

Probuild Construction will bring your ideal vision to life. We have a reputation for updating dated spaces, transforming layouts, and enhancing buildings to make office spaces looks professional and high end.

Renovate Your Tacoma Restaurant

Bring your restaurant to the next level with an updated renovation, a more optimized floor plan, or renewed exteriors.

Retirement Home Remodeler in Tacoma WA

Our team has experience working at senior living facilities so you know we will treat you and your tenants with respect and professionalism throughout your project.

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

When selecting a company to handle your new roof, choose someone with extensive experience & positive outcomes for customers.

When you choose Probuild Construction, you're going to be treated to the roofing experience everyone deserves.

  • Unbiased, real advice on materials & options
  • No brand biases, full selection options
  • Excellent designs
  • Long term company that will be around to service your roof
  • People-first approach, we want to help people get the most roof for their dollar
  • Integrity based recommendations

Commercial Exterior Remodeling & Renovation

Probuild Construction can handle all your commercial exterior improvements and renovations.

When it comes to your commercial exterior renovations & improvements, it’s important that you find a contractor that can deliver high quality craftsmanship, on schedule, on budget, with professionalism at every level.
We pride ourselves in not only delivering craftsmanship and excellence in work and process, but we demand strict levels of professionalism out of every employee and trade partner that represents us.

Our commitment to doing things right the first time means that your products and building will last longer, have lower maintenance costs, and you can expect greater simplicity in your operations. We stand behind our work.  You expect that the Probuild team will stand behind our work and exceed your expectations. 

We do what we say, and deliver excellent results.

Commercial exterior projects could include:

  • Lighting
  • Painting
  • Siding such as stucco, aluminum, fiber cement, vinyl and masonry.
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Windows
  • Storm damage and more

On Time - On Budget - Excellent Professionalism

Excellence in materials, build, and process is our primary concern.  Our desire is to help your Tacoma, WA business thrive as a result of choosing to work with Probuild.

Connect Your Tenant with a Contractor Worth Trusting.

If you're a landlord looking for a commercial contractor to recommend to your new tenant for a build out or project, we assure you that you'll feel great using or recommending Probuild Construction.

We know what it's like to recommend a construction company to your new customer, and we take that transfer of trust serious.

When you connect Probuild to your tenant, they'll receive:

  • A value focused approach
  • Project management you can trust
  • Ability to maximize budgets while maintaining quality & schedules
  • Craftsmanship that's second to none
  • Results that help your customer thrive

We want to enhance our Tacoma, Washington, communities and help businesses thrive, which is one of the underpinning values of our company.  We know that when we serve new tenants and leaseholders in your building, and help them maximize their space and make the most out of your building, they'll be in position to be long-term tenants.