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Seattle's Leading Commercial Contractor & Builder

Seattle, Washington's Best Commercial Contractor & Builder

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Probuild Construction & Commercial Contractor

Industrial & Commercial Builder of Excellence

Seattle's Best Commercial Contractor & Industrial Contractor

When you want predictably excellent outcomes for your project, exceptional professionalism, and incredibly well-run job sites, look no further than Probuild Construction in Seattle, WA.

Probuild Construction - Commercial Contractor

Probuild Construction - Commercial Contractor Near Seattle WA

Commercial General Contractor Seattle Washington

We're one of Seattle, Washington's premier commercial general contractors for everything from commercial renovations to industrial builds, we're able to tackle just about any size or type of commercial builder project, but we're committed to excellence to our customers, their end users, our workforce and our trade partners.

Excellence Comes from Process, Management & Communication

Excellence From Estimate to Final Walk Through

Minimized change orders, tight timelines and schedules & proactive communication that deals with reality & honesty.


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ProBuild Commercial Contractor Seattle Washington

Get an estimate for your next commercial project

Whether you're renovating an older property so that you can attract and keep a new level of the commercial tenant, or if you have a build-out project in a new retail location, ProBuild commercial contracting in Seattle, Washington, will help you deliver your project on time, on budget and with predictably excellent quality so that you maximize your return on investment.

When choosing the best commercial contractor in Seattle, Washington, we remind you how important process, trade partner management, professionalism, and project management are for your success.

Minimized change orders and project delays

In the new economic environment after the pandemic and rising interest rates, delivering a project on time and predictably has become incredibly difficult, but ProBuild Construction continues to find ways to source materials creatively, identify timeline disruptions ahead of time and make changes to help keep projects heading in the right direction.

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Pursuing to be the Best Commercial Builder Seattle, WA

There are plenty of commercial contractors in Seattle, Washington.

Still, we have a bit of a chip on our shoulders to become Puget sound's leading commercial Builder and Industrial general contractor by combining tremendous levels of communication, proactive project management, and a people first approach to relationships and communication.

Attracting top-caliber trade partners and construction team members has become one of the most critical factors in developing an excellent commercial building company.

We value our people deeply and have created an environment where their unique abilities and passions can come to life in developing new building environments for our Seattle communities.

Excellence & Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

We believe in nurturing long-term relationships with subcontractors so that our customers can experience predictable outcomes, and we can handle massive levels of business because we're growing together.

The best commercial builders in Seattle need help to do things.

They understand how cooperation and mutually beneficial systems create an environment of excellence for our communities and customers.

That's why we work so hard on pursuing the best interests of our clients and the best interests of our trade partners and subcontractors so that their futures are fantastic over the Long Haul rather than just during the immediate project.

If you're looking for the best commercial contractor in Seattle, Washington, connect with us here at Probuild Construction Seattle, so we can take on the challenge of earning your business and delivering a project that exceeds your expectations.